Ulam Pinoy Project


Spicy and sour are the flavors that could compliment any dish and enhance your appetite. Kimchi is both, spicy and sour.

It’s not easy to find a good kimchi here in Madrid. The bottled kimchi available at the Chinese store taste sweet! Really? Sweet kimchi? No thanks!

We found a proper Korean store in the Mercado de Maravillas in Cuatro Caminos. The shopkeeper is a Korean lady making her own kimchi. The homemade kimchi she makes and sells is great but we thought that the spicy factor was toned down a bit for the Spanish market. Spaniards in general have a low tolerance with the heat level of chilis.

Kimchi in mini-jars

As the always the case, we took the matter on our own hands. We pretty much have had some great kimchi in the Philippines so we know what a delicious kimchi was. At least, for us. Authentic is great but making it your own and making is is just more awesome.

Coming soon: Video recipe of how we made our version of Kimchi mainly inspired by Maangchi

Here’s a bit of a preview…

Known as 'alamang' in Tagalog

Dried tiny shrimps are essential

Dehydrating the napa cabbage

Dehydating the cabbage take some patience

Slicing carrots

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the next update…