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We are glad to launch today the fresh new look of UlamPinoy. We are currently redesigning the entire UlamPinoy site to make your visits to UlamPinoy fun and worthwhile an experience no matter if you are hunting for some tasty recipes or just feasting your eyes with our food adventure collections.

As the title above suggests it is a work in progress. Instead of waiting to finish all features and sections of the site we thought that it is better to launch now so you get a taste right away on what's coming from UlamPinoy. We will launch a feature as soon as we have it done.

Here are some of the new stuff coming:

  • Food adventures we had from places we visited
  • Random things we found interesting besides food
  • Visual cooking glossary of ingredients

FOOD ADVENTURE: An unforgettable savoury pasta dish made by friends in Modena, Italy

There are more site visitors using a tablet or mobile phone so we made Ulampinoy responsive across different devices for better viewing experience.

You might find some rough edges here and there so please bear with us as we polish up UlamPinoy. Meanwhile, if you have not subscribe yet, please do by clicking the 'Subscribe' link at the top right corner of the page.

Hope you enjoy the fresh new look of UlamPinoy as we continue making home cooking fun and delicious!