Itlog na Maalat — Attempt 02

Many years back, we made itlog na maalat and it was a success! Naglangis means it cured well that when you open it into halves the yolk was fatty, oily. This time we are doing another attempt to remake homemade salted eggs. It's very simple to make and hopefully after 5 weeks we have those nice salted eggs.

It can be an ulam itself, typically eaten with fresh tomatoes. We can add it as another dimension to the Siopao Asado which is a parallel experiment as we speak!

Things we need

  • Eggs, 🦆 duck eggs are prefered but 🐔 chicken eggs will do.
  • Salt, a lot of it
  • Water
  • Jar, big enough to contain everything

Ingredients of making salted eggs

What We Did So Far

  1. Make the saline solution by boiling salt in water. Let it cool down.
  2. Carefully put all the eggs in the jar and add in the cooled down boiled salted water. The eggs has the tendency to float so put something on top to push it down and stay submerge in the salty bath.
  3. Cover the jar tight and set your alarm for 5 weeks.

Five weeks is what we remember how long we soaked the eggs in our first attempt so we are doing just that in this experiment.

Some Notes

  • Though duck eggs are the preferred eggs due to it's bigger yolk than that of the chicken, we thought we could compensate for that by using extra large (XL) chicken eggs instead.
  • Boiling makes the salt particles tiny bit smaller so they get a better chance penetrating the egg shell. Cup of rock salt and a pitcher of water
  • We used a mason jar since it already have a lid that you can seal.
  • A silicon cupcake mold was placed on top of the filled jar before closing the lid so it push all the eggs down to ensure all are fully submerged.

Succulent plant in a pot

23 January 2020 is the moment of the truth. Sana hindi palpak! Until then we should find out if this attempt is a success. Abangan...