Ulam sa Hapag 01

We are so glad to release, "Ulam sa Hapag" a new series of tasty posts that features the dishes (ulam) that was served to the table(hapag). It is a delicious journal that remind us of the memory of what flavors (in both food and the moment) went with the meal. Most of the dishes we made ourselves, some are made by others (bought or friends).


We got some seasonal string beans and made a vegetable adobo, absolutely not vegetarian as it's loaded of pork belly strips.

Stringbeans Adobo

Tortilla Patata a la Abuela

Our adorable Granny neighbor came knocking just before dinner to share her amazing tortilla patata just cooked, literally just off the stove and still in the skillet pan.

Spanish Tortilla in a skillet pan

And gave us a generous slice and took back the rest for their dinner. Typically paired with red wine (vino tinto) makes a simple yet delicious dinner! If you didn't get to finish it, it will be an epic brunch as pincho de tortilla traditionally with bread and beer.

A slice of Spanish tortilla

!Gracias Loli!