Ulam sa Hapag 02

In this weekly dispatch, we scored some in-season bonito tuna and made ginataan. With some leftover champiñones (button mushrooms) we made a country-style French omelette. We also cooked zayote and bitsuelas, stir-fried with some ground pork. Lastly, we had once again the very special braised beef noodle soup!


Whenever we find smaller sized bonito fish in the market we do our best to grab at least a piece. By default it going to be a ginataan later. A tasty technique cooking ginataang isda we learned from Ate Remy (a friend from Dagupan City) is to cook it first as a fish paksiw. This is done by braising the fish in vinegar, garlic, onions, black pepercorns, and siling habà. Then at the final phase of the dish, pour in the coconut cream. Simmer, reduce until oil renders out then drop for the very last the greens, in this case it was pechay.

Bonito fish slices cooked in coconut milk

The richness of the coconut milk is well-balanced with the savory acidity developed while cooking the fish in spiced vinegar. Ginataan like adobo are those dishes that gets even tastier the day after or so. All you need now is a cup or two of freshly cooked, steaming hot rice. 🍚🐟🌶

Stir-fried Zayote and Bitsuelas

In most supermarket here in Madrid you can find bitsuelas beans. But to acquire zayote (chayote) you have to go to some specific stalls in some specific markets or in an Asian store where they have it in pack of two's. Zayotes are great alternative to green papaya for chicken tinolas but since we have some nice judías bobby we instead did a stir-fry vegetables with ground pork, the usual garlic, onions and tomatoes trio. And you get a hearty gulay dish that can be an ulam in itself or with some fried fish will serve as a great side dish!

Stir-fried chayote, beans baby with ground pork in a pan

Red Onion Mushroom Omelette

Fast and easy to make country-style omelette using leftover onion slices we have most of the time after doing sauté. Sweat the onions with some olive oil. Throw-in some sliced button mushrooms. Break and beat up a couple of eggs. Voila, breakfast is served!

Red onion omelette in a skillet pan

Happy home cooking and see you in the next one...