Ulam Pinoy Chronicles (February 2017)

February 2017 – A very special month as we welcome home the newest member 👶 of Ulam Pinoy team!

Winter in Madrid during the first half of the month of February is typically the coldest during the chilly season. Snowfall is very scarce but temperature can drop down to -7°C to -5°C yet there's the luxury of sunny blue skies for most of the winter days.

Drivng to the mountain of Madrid, Puerto de Navacerrada and Los Cotos Can't complain for the lack of snowflakes but if you feel like going to a wintery snow place, take a drive for less than an hour to the mountain (sierras de Madrid) and you can have the cold white frozen water experience.

Walking to the snowy trail of Los Cotos, Segovia, Spain

Bright chilly days calls for some warm comfort in a bowl.

Chicken soup with vegetables and boiled eggs Chicken broth soup made from scratch with vegetable bits (cabbage, flat green beans and carrots) garnished with boiled eggs. The other version of this dish is with sotanghon or glass noodles.

Crispy fried mackerel fish with dip of lemon and patis Chicharro (Trachurus lathami) or rough scad, specially when in season are abundantly available in most markets in Madrid. Simply frying until skin is crispy is a great pair for any soup or broth dish.

Beef Broccoli serve in a black bowl Beef Broccoli is a quick wok stir-fry of beef chuck steak cut into strips and supermarket-fresh broccoli tossed with a load of garlic with oyster sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil. Garnish with tosted sesame seeds.

Döner kebab sandwich and a mug of cold beer We have a favorite Döner Kebab spot in Barrio Tetuán along Bravo Murillo next to Mercado de Tetuán. Their rotisserie chicken is highly recommended too!

Crispy fried mackerel fish with dip of lemon and patis Specially in the cold days and mornings, a great cup of freshly made coffee to start your daily grind that fills the house the irresistable aroma and gives you the little tiny simple joys in life!