Ode to Kare-kare

This is poem is dedicated to the Filipino diaspora...

Kare-kare, a dish so dear
Filling my heart with memories clear
A taste of home, a taste of love
From my childhood, to where I've rove

Peanut sauce, a rich delight
Blended with shrimp paste, oh what a sight
Beef or oxtail, it's up to you
Mixed with veggies, a colorful hue

The smell alone, takes me back
To grandma's kitchen, what a knack
The flavors, the aromas, so distinct
A dish so perfect, one cannot blink

From fiestas, to family gatherings
Kare-kare, a dish worth savoring
It brings us together, as one big clan
A connection, a bond, that forever stands

Now, as I live so far away
Kare-kare, my heart does sway
A taste of home, a taste of love
From my memories, to the stars above.

Pinakbet served in a bowl